The Dedicated Service You Deserve

In addition to having nearly three decades of experience as a real estate professional, I grew up in a New Hampshire real estate family. My mother was a successful broker who had her own brokerage and put together several big developments, working with engineers, builders and town planners.

Both my mother and her colleagues took me under their collective wing and mentored me through every kind of market. They taught me the importance of a disciplined work ethic that includes patience, endurance and job focus, regardless of market conditions. From them, I also learned the true meaning of dedicated service to you, my client. And I believe it's my consistent practice of these core values that's brought successful results for thousands of my clients with real estate goals just like yours.

Information Roadway

It may seem fundamental, but my goal is to collect and provide as much information about your home as possible. From details on the construction, to improvements and upgrades you've made, to utility providers and their costs and school and town services offered — the more information shared with buyers, the easier it will be for one or even more of them to choose your home over any other!

I maintain an ongoing "information roadway" with you so that your home's time on the market is significantly shorter, because it's a real estate fact: homes that languish on the market end up selling for less.

But when you have me as your listing agent, I keep you fully informed on the market conditions you're selling in with a bi-weekly marketing report on everything that's happening with your listing and a monthly market statistics report on the preceding month's happenings in the local market. This information keeps you in front of the market — instead of following it — ensuring your home is always #1 in its class.

Be The Beneficiary Of My Insider Market Knowledge

I know the New Hampshire real estate market like few others. Here's why...

After nearly three decades of buying and selling real estate in the region, I may well have handled a previous transaction for your home, the home you're viewing or a similar one in the same neighborhood. Whether you're buying or selling, this kind of intimate neighborhood knowledge puts you way ahead of the competition.

By viewing homes on a regular basis, I continually gather visual knowledge of your home's competing properties as they come on the market. And I inform you by email and phone of how they affect your home sale.

In addition to being a real estate broker, I'm a certified appraiser with over 13 years of home appraisal experience. If you're selling, my appraisal knowledge gives you a huge competitive edge in pricing your home regardless of market conditions. And if you're buying, my appraisal knowledge can save you thousands.

I also have experience with processing mortgage loans, am familiar with what's needed from a borrower and can answer many financing questions that come up. In addition to having a top-notch in-house loan originator, Diane Capodieci, who first gets buyers approved, I am knowledgeable of the basic lending guidelines and ratios and can save you — buyer or seller — valuable time.

Maintaining Relationships

Successfully buying and selling real estate is all about relationships. And today, well over 50% of my business comes from referrals and repeat business from past clients.

I attribute this to my unique system for keeping in touch both personally and professionally with my clients and their families. I want them to know that I haven't forgotten them and that if there's ever a question or problem I can help with, they're always welcome to call me. I'm very pleased that so many do, and I hope you will too.

Although my office is in Windham, New Hampshire, I service all of New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts. So go ahead and call me at 603-894-4600 and discover the difference it makes in your buying or selling experience when you get the dedicated service you deserve.