Selling Your Southern New Hampshire Home

The #1 complaint consistently reported by home sellers is a lack of communication on the part of their real estate agent. But rest assured the clients of Kim Spanos are not in that group. And when you choose Kim as your listing agent, you won't be either. Here's why...

My job is to make sure your home is the #1 choice of its type to the typical buyer. And staying ahead of the market with weekly research on your home's exact position with competing homes entering the market is KEY! Communicating these details is an important part of the information I share with you because ... staying ahead of the market — instead of following it — is the factor that can make your marketing time much shorter than most and can mean more money for you at the closing table!

When you have me as your listing agent, you get a bi-monthly marketing report on everything that's happening with your listing. This includes property-showing feedback from real estate brokers and prospective buyers. It includes all advertising and marketing activities performed on your behalf and the results. And once a month, you receive a market statistics report informing you of the preceding month's happenings in the local market.

Also, by going into the field and viewing homes on a regular basis, I continually gather visual knowledge of competing homes as they enter the market. And I update you via email and phone calls as to how they affect your sale or change your competitive position in the marketplace. This information keeps you ahead of the market and ensures your home remains #1 in its class.

And because I'm also an active certified home appraiser with over 13 years of experience, my precise knowledge of area home values gives you a huge competitive edge in pricing your home correctly, regardless of market conditions.

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The Spanos Realty Team — Real Estate Professionals On Your Side

For even more help in selling your home, I've assembled an entire team of real estate service professionals who do excellent work and are competitively priced and reliable. Beginning with my qualified assistant and loan originator, my team includes a title company, home inspector and a list of contractors I call on for quick quality service that's competitively priced. It's all of my team members working together who keep your home sale on track to closing.

For nearly three decades, we've taken thousands of real estate transactions to close. And to get there on some of them we've successfully overcome seemingly impossible obstacles — everything from difficult appraisal conditions to complex title glitches to helping a seller get a variance in order to sell his property.

We also provide professional move-out cleaning service and a home warranty beginning the day you list with me and continuing for one year after your home is sold.

And if that's not enough, I — with the help of my in-house loan originator — research and find the type of financing your home qualifies for. And if there're obstacles preventing your home from qualifying — such as peeling paint or a missing hand rail — I can have a painter and carpenter there in no time and get the work done affordably so these issues won't be a condition of the appraisal or loan closing.

Especially in a slow market, knowing the available financing and ensuring ahead of time that your home qualifies for it can make your home a better deal than a similar home down the street. Anything you can do to improve your home's competitive position in the marketplace is a selling point in your favor.

A Pro-Active Approach to Marketing Your Home

With nearly three decades in the business, I've seen all kinds of markets — up markets, down markets, slow markets, flat markets and booming markets. Through them all, I've found buyers for my listings. And I'll find the perfect buyer for your home, too. I can say this because I'm simply not like other agents today who are content to stick a sign in the yard, sit back and wait for the phone to ring.

Instead, I take a pro-active approach to marketing your home. I have a set schedule I follow every day to prospect for buyers to tour your home. I personally call people in your neighborhood, my past clients and the qualified buyers in my extensive database who've expressed interest in a home like yours. These phone calls — as well as going out and talking to people and networking with other agents who have qualified buyers as clients — bring astonishing results in every market condition.

Custom Marketing Plan

My pro-active approach discussed on the home page sellers tab is over and above the custom marketing plan I create for your home, which includes print advertising and broad exposure on the World Wide Web. Your listing’s Internet exposure is critically important to selling your home because reports show that today nearly all homebuyers (93%) begin their home search on the Internet.

And I ensure they find your home by showcasing it on the Internet’s most important real estate search sites including, and right here on The Spanos Realty Web site is buyer friendly and has been professionally designed, written and optimized for the search engines to attract both local and worldwide buyers searching for Southern New Hampshire homes for sale.

Getting Serious — What You Must Do To Sell
Your Home In Today’s Market

It’s a real estate fact: homes that languish on the market end up selling for less. Based on nearly three decades in the business and thousands of successful home sales behind me, I know the truth of this fact. But never fear; here are three things you can do right away to improve your home’s competitive position in the marketplace and shorten its time on the market...

—Gain a thorough understanding early on of where you need to be in terms of price. As a seller, this is your biggest challenge, and I help you with it by preparing a Comprehensive Market Analysis (CMA) based on the most up-to-date sales statistics and market comparisons available. Correct pricing is so important in this market because, in the end, your home must appraise for the sale price at least or your buyer can’t get the loan. When this happens, nobody wins.

—Next on the list is being open to suggestions about touchups your home needs to get it market ready.

—And finally, the willingness to take the professional advice offered. For instance, if I say the wallpaper needs to come down, your willingness to get the work done will go a long way toward making your home more appealing to more buyers. And if you can’t pay for the work until after closing, I can arrange that too.

When you choose me as your Realtor® — as thousands have done — you get the dedicated service you deserve and are guaranteed my intimate market knowledge, professional advice and unique blend of perspectives to successfully propel your home sale to close.

Although my office is in Windham, New Hampshire, I service all of New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts. So go ahead and call me at 603-894-4600. I answer my phone and email promptly.

Interested in Selling: Find out what your home is worth today! Click Here.